Sell My Foreclosure

Your Housing Foreclosure Solution

Foreclosure isn’t good for anyone involved. Most of the time, the bank is forced to sell the house for less than was owed on the mortgage. Home values in the neighborhood decrease as foreclosures are sold at a discount. You, the owner, are forced from your home and have a huge blemish on your credit for years. While the number of houses being foreclosed on has decreased significantly since the market crash in 2008 there are still many people facing this problem.

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If you are currently behind on your mortgage and know that you won’t be able to make the payments needed in order to get it current there are options for you, ways to prevent having a damaging foreclosure on your record. Proud Start, LLC has helped people just like you avoid the pain and humiliation caused by a foreclosure of your house. Give us a call today at 925-322-1008, for your no obligation, free consultation. We are happy to talk with you and discuss the best strategy for getting you back on the right track.

Problems Created Through Foreclosure

Once you are forced to vacate your home, it will sit empty for months, sometimes years. During this time it becomes a major liability to neighbors and the community. Vacant homes are targets for drug users, drug dealers, gangs, homeless, and other not so pleasant individuals. The best scenario for everyone involved is to sell your house before the bank takes it back and lets the foreclosed house drag the neighborhood down.

Having a foreclosure on your credit history will make it impossible to purchase another house for several years, renting a place to live will also be very difficult. Other things that involve credit will become harder to get and cost more: purchasing a car, obtaining credit cards, getting business loans, cell phone, even getting a job. A poor credit score causes a lot of headaches and stress.

Foreclosure Solutions That Work For You

Proud Start LLC is here to help you with your foreclosure process. We understand that if you want to “sell my foreclosure” that is your right and we will help make it possible. Taking time to meet with you, we will purchase your home while you a

re currently in the foreclosure process. This will buy you the time to recover while getting through this particularly tough situation. Here at Proud Start LLC we believe that no person should go through the foreclosure process alone. That is why we can also structure a shortsale if the house is underwater. If you would like to know more about how you can avoid a foreclosure, then please give us a call at 925-322-1008 or visit our website at