Sell Your San Jose House Fast

November 24, 2016


Want to sell your house in San Jose? Give us a call, we are your Bay Area Home Buyer!



We have experience working with all sorts of situations, we will work with you to get your house sold allowing you to move on. There are many great benefits to working with us, here are a few of them:


Fast Sale: We understand that time is of the essence and can buy your San Jose house in a matter of days. You can literally trade in your house for a pile of cash in less than a week! Selling your house through a real estate agent will likely take months, time that you may not have.


Time After Close to Move: If you need some time after we purchase your house to move, no problem. We will give you the time needed to transition to your new place. No need to go through the hassle of living in a hotel or imposing on your relatives.


No Repairs Needed: We will buy your San Jose house as is, no repairs needed. The last thing you want to do when selling a house is pour money into it. Often times when selling through an agent you will need to do some work on the house in order to get it to a point where the buyer can get a mortgage. All you have to do with us is move and decide how to spend your money.


Regardless of your situation you owe it to yourself to give us a call to see if we can be of assistance. We have several non-traditional methods and can get you to your goal even when others have failed. Here are some of the uncommon circumstances we have seen:


Clouded Title: Seller could not sell his house because of fraudulent activity on the title. We provided the financial backing needed to clear the title in court then purchased the house.


Nuisance House: House was vacant and became overrun by squatters who used the property for a wide range of illegal activities, creating an unsafe environment in the neighborhood. We bought the house, paid off all the code violations and remodeled it. Now it is a home for a safe, happy family.


Need Help Moving: We worked with a seller that did not like Real Estate Agents and also needed help moving over 25 years of personal items out of the house. We cut out the agents and assisted her with her move.


There are countless reasons why you need to sell your San Jose house, give us a call to see what we can do before giving up or deciding to sell with an agent. Even if you think it’s hopeless it’s worth a quick phone call to get our input.


Proud Start, LLC is your trusted Bay Area Homebuyer!





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