How to Choose the Right Bay Area House Buying Company

You need to sell your house fast for cash, but how do you choose the right Home Buying Company? If you’re like most folks you will jump online and Google something like, “sell my house fast” or “we buy houses” and start sifting through websites that all seem the same. The problem is that the websites may be similar but the companies they belong to are not. Anyone who’s paid for an online course on real estate investing can throw up a website but this is your house and your life, you can’t afford to be someone’s lesson. You need to find a Bay Area Home Buyer that can execute and get you the fast cash you need. Below you are three tips for finding the right company for you. (spoiler alert: it’s us!)

Tip #1: Location is Key

You want to work with a local Home Buyer, a company that is based in the Bay Area. There are companies that operate nationally but they are not as knowledge on the local housing market. This can lead to one of two problems, they offer you too much or too little. Since they do not know the market and are just using online data they can make you an offer that is too high, after doing further investigation they will cut the price on you or back out. Or they will make you an offer that is lower than you could have gotten from a local Home Buyer and you will be leaving money on the table. Local companies know the market and will make you the fairest offer.

Tip #2: Go with Experience

Selling your house is a big decision, one that involves a large amount of money. You want to work with a company that has a proven track record of executing on their word. Look for testimonials from previous sellers, ratings from review agencies like the Better Business Bureau and anything else that verifies the company has the ability to buy your house fast for cash. In addition, experienced companies like Proud Start, LLC can present other options that might be better suited for your particular situation.

Tip #3: Avoid Companies that Don’t Actual Purchase Your House

There are companies out there that simply get houses under contract then find an actual buyer and sell the contract for a fee, they never really buy your house. While this is perfectly legal, why do you want to pay some middleman a fee when you can work directly with a Bay Area Home Buyer like us? Cut out the middleman and get a higher offer!

While you are sorting through the various Bay Area “We Buy Houses” companies keep these tips in mind. Or avoid all the hassle and give us a call. Proud Start is an experienced, local Home Buyer that will actually buy your house and can close in a week! Call today!