For Sale By Owner (FSBO) Bay Area

Thinking about selling your Bay Area House? You can save thousands in commissions by doing it For Sale By Owner (FSBO).

Standard Real Estate Agent commission in today’s market is 5-6% of the sales prices, which is paid out of the Seller’s proceeds. Here in the Bay Area that’s tens of thousands of dollars you are paying to sell your house with an Agent, is it worth it? Agents perform several functions during the sales process, and a good agent can definitely be worth a hefty commission. One of their primary responsibilities is to market your house, drum up interest to generate lots of strong offers. In a seller’s market, like we have now, there isn’t a lot of advertising needed to generate interest. Demand outweighs supply, once a property is listed on the MLS potential buyers will come knocking. Given the lack of marketing needed, do you really think an agent deserves the full commission?

One of the other main functions of a Real Estate Agent is to make sure all the proper paperwork is completed, forms that protect both you and the buyer. Selling a house without having all of the proper paperwork done can put you at risk if something goes wrong and the buyer is unhappy. I would not suggest that a novice property seller sell their house to a novice buyer without someone in the middle to facilitate.

So how do you save on the commission but still make sure the sales transaction is being handled appropriately? Sell to an experienced Bay Area Home Buyer. You don’t get hit with the extra cost but get all the benefit of working with someone that knows how to get it done. Proud Start Real Estate Solutions is a professional Home Buyer throughout the Bay Area.

Some of the other great benefits to working with us include:

  • We buy in ‘as is’ condition, you do not have to worry about any repairs

  • We can close fast, have your money in a week

  • You can leave unwanted items behind and we will dispose

  • We will purchase with unruly tenants

Bottom-line, if you are thinking of selling your house, don’t pay huge agent commissions before talking with us to see what we can do for you.