Real Client Story – Sell Your Bay Area House Fast

In late June I received a call from Barbara who was looking to sell her Mother, Sharon’s house in Oakley. Sharon had recently moved in with Barbara due to health concerns as well as the financial burden of maintaining her own home. The two were now living on the east coast and wanted to sell a house across the country in a stress-free manner for a fair price.

After speaking with Barbara and viewing the house we sent over a purchase agreement, they were happy with the price and accepted. We closed on our purchase of the house in early July. A notary was sent to Sharon and she was able to sign everything she needed to from the east coast.

One thing that was important to them was that they were allowed to remain in possession of the house for sixty days after we purchased it. This was critical because Cheryl, Sharon’s other daughter, was living in the house as well as Sharon was planning a trip out here to collect any possessions she wanted to take with her. We were happy to accommodate this request and it was included in our purchase agreement.

During the sixty-day period the three ladies went through and removed all that they wanted from the house and now they all live together on the east coast. They left anything they didn’t want behind and we disposed of it.

Barbara and Cheryl were both generous enough to provide us with a little feedback on their experience:

"Proud Start what can I say it's all in the name. My mother was at a cross roads. Her health failing, living in a home she could no longer afford and desperately trying to figure a way out. That's when I contacted Chris from Proud start he understood and knew exactly what we needed he got to work that same day and from start to finish made the whole process quick and easy. He was accommodating for our time line and was so kind. Instead of my Mom having the bank take her home and ending up in debt and losing everything. She walked away debt free, and with money she could begin her new life with. She walked away from the situation with her dignity in place and not feeling a failure. I would recommend Proud Start, Chris and Marilyn to all my family and friends no matter what the situation if you need your home sold fast these are the people you want to speak with. They make it happen fast and easy and work to make you as comfortable with the process as possible. Many thanks to you both."

- Barbara

"First Thank you both so much for all the professional help you gave my mom and our family in such trying times. My mother was always stressed out wondering if she'd ever be free from her house troubles. You both did what you said you would and this truly helped us. The process was quick and easy, and I would recommend you to anyone in need of your services. Again, thank you both so very much."

- Cheryl

This is just one example of the many unique situations we deal with every day. If you want to sell your Bay Area house quickly and at a fair price give us a call to see how we can help. We have lots of experience navigating whatever obstacle you may be facing.