Have you inherited a house from a family member? Are you responsible for settling the estate of a loved one so assets can be distributed to the heirs?

Losing a loved one is never easy and can be very stressful on the entire family. Aside from the emotional grief that must be endured there is the task of settling the affairs that were left behind. For most people one of the biggest gifts they leave for their family is the house they have lived in for years. Typically, one person, the Executor or Personal Representative, is selected to be in charge of handling the legal matters and ensuring the wishes of the deceased are carried out. While it sounds ideal to keep an inherited house in the family, that often is not the best option and sometimes is impossible depending on the desire of the heirs.

Proud Start Real Estate Solutions is here to help reduce the stress from settling an estate by allowing you to cross off one of the biggest items on your “to do” list, selling the house. We work with people just like you throughout the Bay Area who have inherited a house and will structure a plan that is fair and easy.

When selling a house through probate there is a key distinction to take note of, do you as the Personal Representative have full or limited authority. Full authority allows you two sell the real estate in the estate without court approval, this makes the process quicker and easier. If you have been granted limited authority you will need to set a court date to have the probate judge approve the sale. This will cause the transaction to take longer and often times discourages buyers since they do not want to tie the deposit up for that long given that the sale might not be approved or someone might come in and outbid them at the hearing.

There are several challenges to navigate and it’s helpful to have an experienced team on your side. Give us a call to see how can help you sell your inherited Bay Area house fast.

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