What is a code violation?

A code violation is when an aspect of your house does not meet the building or safety standards for the city or other municipality in which it is located. Local government is responsible for ensuring that all of the homes within it’s jurisdiction are safe for it’s citizens. These violations can be anything from having grass that is too tall to having an unpermitted two-story addition in your backyard. Regardless of the severity of the violation, once identified by Code Enforcement, you will be cited and required to correct the issue. If you correct the issue and pay a fine then all goes back to normal. But what if you don’t have the money or ability to correct the violation or pay the fine? This is when things can escalate quickly. If the issue is not resolved Code Enforcement will continue to issue fines and charge you interest on those fines, they will place a lien against your Bay Area House so that you can not sell it without paying them off.

Complications to selling your house

Having code violations on your Bay Area House can make it harder to sell. If you decide to sell the house without correcting the issue the violation will be passed along to the new owner. The city will collect their fines from you through the lien they place on the property but they will still go after the new owner to have the violation fixed and will start issuing finds to them. This will make your house less attractive to potential buyers as they may not have the ability or desire to correct the violation.

Code violations may also make it more difficult for potential buyers to obtain a mortgage to purchase your house. Banks are less inclined to lend money for a house that has safety issues.

Selling a house with code violations requires the right buyer, someone that has the ability to correct the issues and who doesn’t need bank financing. Luckily for you, we are exactly that kind of buyer. We purchase Bay Area Houses with code violations with no problem and can get it closed fast. If you are facing code violations and want to learn more about how we can help you give us a call. Trade in that bag of problems for a bag of cash.

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