Do you have a trouble tenant, someone that doesn’t pay rent and always complains about issues with the house?

Do you want to sell your rental house but have a long-term lease in place with a tenant which is limiting your resale options?

Both of these situations can be very stressful and frustrating to deal with. Luckily for you, we have experience with both and can provide you a fast and simple solution! Avoid evicting your Bay Area tenant by working with Proud Start, your trusted Bay Area home buyer. Let’s look at each circumstance above individually and learn how we can help.

Troublesome Tenant

If you own rental properties it is inevitable that you will experience a tenant that does not live up to terms of the lease. The amount of trouble this tenant creates is up to you. There are laws and regulations that govern the landlord-tenant relationship. As a prudent landlord it is your duty to be informed and act swiftly. As soon as the tenant is late to pay rent or violates the lease in any other way you need to take proper action. This may result in evicting your tenant, an undertaking that can have a huge negative impact on your return from that property. Once you decide you need to evict the tenant you can handle it yourself or hire a third party company that specializes in evicting Bay Area tenants, either way costs you time and money. In addition, while this process is playing out in the court system you still aren’t receiving rent and who knows what sort of damage the tenant is causing to your property while they continue to live for free.

Rather than deal with this nightmare scenario it might make sense for you to sell your problem, take the money and use it for something else. We will purchase your rental property with the current tenant still in place, turning that headache into a pile of cash for you in a matter of days. Give us a call today to find out exactly how we can get you fast cash for your troublesome tenant. Avoid evicting your tenant.

Locked in to Long-term Lease

Two months ago you signed a one-year lease with your tenant and were grateful to have some rental security. However, last week you got into a car accident and need money for medical bills, living expenses and a new car. You decide selling your rental house is the best thing to do but having a tenant locked in limits the pool of potential buyers making it difficult to sell. Rather than wait months for the right landlord buyer to make you and offer then go through the traditional sales process give us a call. We will buy your house with the tenant in place and can close in a week if needed. We will take over the lease with your Bay Area tenant problem.

How to Sell House Fast Bay Area | We Buy SF Bay Area Houses | Proud Start, LLC

Are You a Landlord with Nightmare Tenants? How to Sell Rental Property Fast!

Imagine that you are a landlord who owns lots of rental property. Sure, most of your tenants are nice enough. However, there are always a few that are less than pleasant to deal with. On top of this there is always maintenance and financial work to be done. Being a landlord can be seriously stressful. Bad tenants just add to that stress. So how can you solve this issue as a landlord? Why not thinking about ways to sell house fast!

Bad tenants are no fun!Renting is Hard Work

We already mentioned above that being a landlord can be tough. Not only are there always tenants to deal with, but there are also other matters like maintenance, rent collection, and upkeep. Because of these demands, lots of landlords are trying to sell rental property now instead of holding it. Selling rental property to the right business in your local area can mean lots of profits for you now, instead of later. But without making contact with the right business, trying to sell house fast can be a real challenge, as well. Especially with the housing market of recent years.

Evictions are a nightmareEvictions Can Be Messy

Evictions are normally the mechanism that most landlords use when tenants get too bothersome to keep on any longer. But did you know that evictions can sometimes take months, if not years, to complete? The whole legal process can be grueling, annoying, stressful, and expensive. Just this alone is enough to make most landlords decide to never evict tenants in the first place, no matter how bothersome they might be. But for those looking to evict troublesome tenants and also sell rental property, there is a simple solution: let the buyer deal with evicting said tenants for you.

Let Us Help!

We admit, it can be difficult to find businesses who are willing to help you sell house fast and evict tenants. This is where we come in. We have already partnered with landlords, just like you, in the area to purchase their rental properties. After the property has been purchased, we can deal with the legal hassle of eviction. You get the money that you need now, as well as legal piece-of-mind. All you have to do to get the ball rolling is contact us today! Fill out the form on this page or give us a call, (925) 240-3096.

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