Have you noticed cracks in the walls of your house? Do you have trouble closing your doors and windows? Does it feel like the floors or stairs of your house slop?

These are all signs that you may have a foundation issue. This is a very serious and most likely very expensive situation. If left unfixed, the problem will continue to get worse, creating a serious safety concern. In this article we are going to: identify the two most common foundation types used here, in the San Francisco Bay Area (concrete slab vs crawl space), discuss the signs of a foundation issue, explain some ways to fix your foundation issue, and finally provide a fast option for those who do not want to deal with the stress and cost of a major foundation repair.

Slab vs Crawl Space

A concrete slab foundation, also known as slab-on-grade, is simple in design. A trench 12-18 inches deep is dug around the outline of the house walls, this is filled with rebar and concrete, the inside of this perimeter is filled with more concrete and rebar creating a slab that is 4-6 inches thick. The house is then built on the slap with the walls extending up from the thicker 12-18 inch footing.

A crawl space foundation, also known as pier and beam, is built by digging holes for several piers. The holes are filled with concrete and the piers are attached to these footings. Once the piers are in place beams are laid on top which run the length of the house. The flooring of the house is built on these beams. Surrounding the house is a concrete footing which is 12-18 inches deep.

Signs You Have a House Foundation Issue

There are several easy to spot signs that there is an issue with the foundation of your house. If you notice any of the following symptoms it would be wise contact a professional to investigate further.

The sooner you can identify the problem and take action to correct it, the better off you’ll be.

Fix Your Foundation Issue

There multiple options for fixing a foundation issue, the best suited depends on the type of foundation you have and the severity of the problem. If you have a slab foundation the remedy may be as simple as injecting grout underneath your slab to lift it back into position. On the other hand, you may need to install several costly hydraulic jacks around the perimeter of the house to lift the house and support the weight so it does not rest on the unstable soil. Fixes can range from a few thousand dollars to nearly a hundred thousand!

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