Have you been affected by the devastating fires in Napa and Sonoma county?

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Many people just like you lost their home in the fire, now that some time has passed, it’s about deciding how to move forward. Should you stay and rebuild or collect the money you can and move somewhere else? The option that is best for you and your family will depend on multiple factors but one of the biggest is your property insurance situation. Let’s go through a couple different scenarios:

No Insurance: You have lived in your house for many years, the mortgage is paid off and you decided to stop paying for home insurance. Given this, there will be no financial assistance coming your way, you are responsible for covering the cost to repair/rebuild your house. Depending on the extent of the damage this may not be financially possible for you. There is value in the land you own though, you can sell your Napa or Sonoma burned lot for cash and use that to purchase your next home.

Under Insured: You have property insurance so you assumed that the cost to repair/rebuild your house would be covered at no additional cost to you however while speaking with the claim adjuster you were informed that the amount of coverage you have is no longer sufficient to pay for all the work needed and that you are responsible for contributing the rest. Over the years as property values have gone up and inflation has occurred, your insurance coverage amounts should have increased as well, but no one told you that you needed to do that. It is a very sobering realization, one that unfortunately too many Napa and Sonoma home owners are experiencing. Proud Start can help, you collect your insurance money then we will purchase your Bay Area fire damaged house. You can take both checks and go purchase your new home.

This disaster was truly that, causing massive destruction and loss. The damage has been done, the question is how will you move forward? If you are educated on your options, it is possible you can come out of this in an even better position. Give us a call to see how we can help with your Nap and Sonoma fire damaged house.

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