Are you living in Martinez, CA, and want to sell your house?

There are many reasons why you may have to sell a house fast in Martinez. You may be relocating or moving to another place, city, state or possibly another country. You may have to sell your house due to divorce, illness, or a million other personal reasons. There are many situations when selling your house is the best decision, when that time comes, you will be happy to know you have more than one option.

Hire an Agent

Most people only know about the traditional route of hiring a Real Estate Agent, who will go online and list your property and put up a sign on your lawn and hope people to turn up interested and willing to buy your house. For that you will have to pay 5-6% of the sales price to the agents involved as their fee. This approach works but can take a lot of time and there are many expectations from you, the seller. It is quite possible that you could end up spending thousands of dollars on repairs, seller concessions (that’s money you give to the buyer to pay for their costs), and closing costs. All of these fees reduce the amount of money you receive from the sale of your house. In addition to the extra expenses you will be responsible for, this traditional route is slow. You are waiting for someone to find your house and agree to buy it, that could take many months and once you do find that buyer it will take a month or two to complete the sale.

Partner with Proud Start, LLC

Fortunately, you can opt for an alternate approach. You can take the sales process into your own hands and contact Proud Start, LLC. We will buy your house for cash and can close the sale in less than a week. Working with us eliminates all of the question marks associated with the traditional sales method. Less uncertainty equals less stress for you! This is the best way to sell your house fast in Martinez, CA.

Proud Start, LLC buys houses in as is condition, as the seller, you won’t be asked to pay for any repairs, you don’t have to renovate anything, there is no need for any upgrades and you also don’t have to worry about taking all unwanted items from the house when you move. We buy houses with cash, not a traditional mortgage that has the possibility of not working out, causing the agreed to sale to cancel. All those hassles can now be bid adieu if you choose to sell house fast in Martinez to Proud Start LLC.

No hassle, no stress, give us a call to find out how easy selling your Martinez house can be when you work with Proud Start, LLC, allowing you to focus on moving on to the next chapter in your life. Call today! (925) 240-3096.

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