Has your Bay Area house been damaged by a fire or have any other sort of significant issue? Proud Start, LLC is your local Homebuyer and can make you a fair cash offer. We won’t ask you to make any repairs and can close when you want. The following is a great example of a property we recently purchased where the seller was in a situation just like you.

In July of last year, we were contacted about a house in Sacramento that had gone through extensive fire damage. It was tagged by the city as uninhabitable. The owner of the property was just wrapping things up with his insurance and rather than use the money to rehabilitate the property he wanted to keep the insurance payout and sell the property as is. He did not want to deal with a long and uncertain remodel process.

Based on what the seller was looking to do, we quickly set up an appointment to view the property and determine what was needed to repair all the damage and complete the remodel. Our Contractor partner, Exact Property Solutions, inspected everything to develop a scope of work and cost estimate. Once we had this information, we were able to make the seller a fair offer which he accepted. We closed once he had completed everything with his insurance company. Between the money received from us and the insurance payout the seller was very happy and accomplished the goal of not having to deal with a stressful remodel.

Once we took ownership, Exact Property Solutions got to work, in just a little over two months they had completely transformed the property, turning a condemned house into a safe and remodeled home ready for a new family.

Now a days the phrase win-win situation is cliché, but in this case, it is completely appropriate. The seller of the property was able to cash out and avoid any issues, the City of Sacramento and the local residents didn’t have to worry about a fire damaged house sitting vacant and creating a place dangerous place for illegal activity.

If the case study above sounds like your situation or someone you know, give us a call to learn more about how we can assist.

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