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Don't do it..


They'll tell you, "Every house will sell.. IF priced right"


So when it's time to sell, you 'fix it up', you list it and wait... 


You get the occasional knock on the door, an agent brings a buyer for 

a viewing. You get excited. 8 months go by and nothing happens.


They'll say, "It's a buyers market. Buyers are looking for a deal."


Some home owners who've got the luxury of time, take on small repairs

to increase the property value. Most owners drop the price!




Those owners tend to fall through a downward spiral...


The next buyer will smell your panic and feel your desperation. You'll get 

no offers and constant "discount" requests!


And that my friend is the typical frantic call I get on a Monday morning:
"Hey Chris, I've dropped the price. It's well below value and still nothing".


Did you catch that?


Don't walk into a deal without knowing how much your house is worth.


Nobody likes getting the short end of the stick.

Hi, I'm Chris.


I'm not a real estate agent or big national advertiser. Yet, ever since my

partner Denise and I opened office in the Bay Area we've gotten good at

one thing...


Quickly Figuring Out How Much Your House Is Worth.


It doesn't matter if you 'plan to get out fast' and need to sell today or in 

6 months time.


It doesn't matter if you want to "sell by owner," or take your sweet time vetting 

a dozen real estate agents to find that 'honest hard worker' from those 'talk a 

good game, fresh out of realtor school'.


It doesn't matter how much you bought your property for. 


It doesn't matter how much you spent on plumbing, roofing, landscaping and

every other 'fix up' over the years.


When the time comes, all that matters is one thing:


What Can You Sell It For?


You're too close to the situation. 


Some smart home owners go around the neighborhood looking at other

houses up for sale. Understanding the value before listing.


Yet it's very common for sellers to always think their house is worth more than 

it is.


That's why you need a "private eye" second opinion. An insider who knows

the loopholes and shortcuts. And you need this free -- before getting tied

down with agent contracts.


You Ought To Know How Much Your Property Is Worth "AS IS"


Before you go through the usual, "Here's some pointers they have and what 

they would change to make the house easier to sell".


Remember, that's what my partner Denise and I specialize in.


How so?


We're local. We know the area. We inspect more houses in a week than

a property owner would in a month of going around block-by-block.


We've been doing this for years. And we work fast.


You see, we're investors. If we find a property we like we buy it cash. 

(This works great for home owners who don't want to wait around for

real estate agents or a buyer's bank financing approval process)


We only work on a "No Obligation, No Fees, No Contracts" mantra.


I'm not some faceless company that wants to get your house under

contract to flip it to the next guy.


So when we meet you won't be asked to sign any contracts, no deposits

and none of that 'car salesman' talk to get you to commit to anything.


However... because there's real work involved on my part (picture me

traveling from one end of the Bay area to the other, I can only do so

many trips)... just me and my partner, no junior staff.


Because of that, I've got limited spots available each week for a..


"FREE, Tell Me What's My Property Is Worth Valuation"


Like I said, it doesn't matter if you're in a situation where you need to

sell fast or you're taking your sweet time thinking about it. Nothing puts

you at a bigger disadvantage than NOT knowing what your house is worth.


Chris & Denise


Here's What Others Are Saying:



"Chris and Denise did everything
they said they were going to do, took
a big load off of my shoulders!"


- Karen A, Vallejo - Facing Foreclosure



"My house was in horrible condition,
no way I could list it with an agent.
Proud Start, really saved the day.  Thank you!"


- Stella L, Walnut Creek - $30,000 in Code Violations



"Almost any sale of property is stressful,
but this went easy. Chris and Denise
are friendly and Helpful!"


- Adell P, Fairfield - Tired Landlord



P.S. Don't miss out on this "No Obligation, No Strings Attached" house

valuation opportunity. Between Denise and myself we can manage only 10

a week, and we don't farm the important work to junior staff.

P.P.S. It's true selling a home in a down market requires a little extra work. Yet if you're anything like home owners who call my office, you may be wondering if we'll ask you to do "fix ups" and repairs. 


No, we valuate your property "As Is"


You see, over the years I've come to realize.. most house owners I meet

tend to have 3 things in common:


1) They don't like running errands and spending their hard earned money on repairs before listing with an agent. (I've seen home inspections that hand you a fat bill and a long "to do" list of repairs like electrical, plumbing & roofing) 


2) They don't like the idea of signing a realtor contract, then sitting back and waiting... (all the while keeping the house spotless and always ready to show at a moments notice)... and waiting to get some decent viewings.


3) They know that getting a contract on a house doesn't mean it's sold.

They dislike falling prey, watching the contract run its due course and 

then having to give the agent few a weeks notice before switching to a new one.


Don't blame the mortgage. 


Don't blame the slow market. 


Know your options.

"Warning: Before You List Your House or Sign Any Contract With A Real Estate Agent... Find Out
How Much Your House Is Worth"

No hassles. No obligation. No fees.

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